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Provide responsive website design with Website design & Development Company in California

If you consult with Vbeasy(web site design and development company in California) the best web design and development, you will probably be advised to make it “responsive”. For someone who has not heard this before, using the adjective “responsible” to describe web design may seem a bit weird. What does it mean when your web design is responsive? Does it differ?
Responsible web design is the answer to various sizes of monitor, tablet and mobile phone. With so many screen sizes today, it is difficult to keep track and setting different code for everyone is very unimaginable to ensure “proper viewing” of websites.
Imagine, a traditional site is accessed by a smart phone with dimensions of 1280×800, which is almost the size of the size of your palm. If there is no responsive web design in it, it will be very difficult to see and upset. To see the site, there will be a lot of scrolling, up and down, and sideways.

On the other hand, with responsive web design, switching from laptop or desktop to tablets or smart phones is a cinch, a website will automatically detect and optimize for screen size and display its contents in a great way. Apart from that, it will also answer how the user will keep the device-landscape or the image.
Responsive web design is intended for liquidity and flexibility. One of the techniques used to achieve this is automatic image adjustment. It either decreases in the whole image size or an only part of it is displayed. Another technique is changing the layout of the website.

Smart access to the location of the viewing area can be achieved by reducing elements such as navigation bars, logos, and text content. If the original web design allows this, then automatic reduction of resolution is used, where a scaled-down version of the actual site is displayed on the handheld device.
Although it seems that the responsive web design is the answer to the problem caused by different screen sizes, there are some limitations in it, this is why it is very important that when you are building your website, then the devices with relatively small screen start Should be considered right from itself. The use of mobile devices is increasingly being used to browse the Internet, browse businesses, shop online and, therefore, is smart to ensure that your website is fully viewable and functional when access via mobile device to be done.

If you think that your old web design needs touching or you want to scrap the whole thing and want to make a new one then meet with Vbeasy – specializing in web site design and development company in California.


The website is one of the most important ways of doing business in today’s date and attracting customer attention. Therefore, when you own a website in California, you should make it a point that you insist on every aspect of your website. To design and develop from your site’s content, your website should have all the things that can help in proper marketing and promotion. Other important things you should emphasize, website design is a very important factor that you should always emphasize. Without proper site design, you will not be able to attract the desired traffic to your site.

There are many website designing and development companies in California. Some companies provide the ultimate design on their website, but some companies are not many professional experts for website design, then there are some mistakes that a website designer fails to give a successful design.

To match the needs of the site well:

When launching and developing your site, you must have an idea of the subject of your site. Based on that, the content is also written. Website Design will also depend on all these factors. You should always remember that one of the most important things is that the design should also depend on the full theme and content of your site. If you are unable to match design with theme and content, you will fail to attract the attention of your visitors.

Use the elements wisely:

Definitely, there are so many elements that web design can be used.Depending on the nature of your site, you can use flash, images, and many other elements. However, you should always remember that these elements should be used very wisely and only as needed.

It can be attractive to visitors, but with the use of these elements in the site, bandwidth will be reduced and the site will take more time to load. This will only disturb the visitors, and they may be away from your site.

Therefore, when you work with Web Design Dublin, you should be very careful and thoughtful. Since this is a very important factor, which you can’t ignore, you should already plan.

You should also make a good selection of text and background colors so that the overall effect is simple and yet amazing. It will be successful in attracting the attention of your visitors towards your site. The number of visitors to your site will be high, traffic will be high, and your website will also have great success.

In today’s world, web designing and development has reached incredible growth in business and online promotion of products, which quickly helps in the firm’s sales. Vbeasy is a leading web design and development company based in California.


There are lots of  website designing and development companies in California. Some companies provide ultimate designs to their websites but some companies have not much professionally experts for website design then there are some mistakes that a website designer fails to give successful design. We are explaining some common mistakes while website designing.


  • Non-responsive website: – Some of the websites analyzed were unresponsive Today more people use mobile phones than desktop, and that’s not going to change. So, you need responsive design. Why responsive design:-
  • More people in the world own Smartphone than toothbrushes.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers shop on Smartphone.
  • 40% of people bounce if the website is not mobile friendly.


  • High website load time Some of the analyzed websites took longer than 3 seconds to load nearly half the visitors abandon a website that doesn’t load in under 3 seconds. This in turn adversely affects your organic rankings.

How to increase website speed

  • Compress the images using
  • Optimize your HTML and CSS using


  • No headline: – When we open a website, it should start with a headline or title name. But in almost websites, it doesn’t have a headline.


  • Poor readability:-
  • Use color contrast to differentiate text from the background.
  • Choose universally accepted font styles like Open Sans, Arial etc.
  • Use proper line spacing and similar text size.
  • You can check your website readability.


  • Poor navigation:-
  • Keep only one navigational bar, ideally on top.
  • Avoid more than 7 links on the navigation.
  • Structure less important links in the drop down.


  • Irrelevant images
  • Not to sound like a broken record, but a picture really is worth a thousand words.
  • A good image can keep a visitor glued to a website, while a poor image is an instant turn off.
  • Use an image that supports your content.
  • Compress the images using
  • Say no to generic, fake stock images.


  • No call to action: – The call to action or a CTA button directs a visitor to the next logical action. So, you really need to think it through. Again a shocker, 41% of the websites did not have a call to action above the fold.
  • If there is No call to action then there are no leads.
  • Keep it action specific.


  • Too many calls to actions: – Ideally, your website homepage should have just one call to action. But you can use a top bar or an exit popup for a top of the funnel conversion offer. No more than two though.
  • Use buttons, not links.
  • Link the CTA to a landing page with a form to capture leads.
  • Give keyword rich text to the buttons to optimize for search.


Vbeasy has professional experts for website design and development located in California who gives an ultimate approach to design and develops your website.

Website Design Elements and Trends

Website designing is a single tool to stand in the market. There is a choice to make an impression on visitors to your site by using it as an how much you are perfect in your job.

There are some designing elements or trends used:-

1)Unique and Large Presswork:- Every company has particular font styles or that they use to help their customers immediately. Now-a- days web designers received a large collection of fonts to make it easier for brands. The New Yorker is recognized through their use of unique font, Blokletters-Balpen, have begun to be used by start-ups.

Why is it useful?

To lead readers to different parts of the page, Typography uses a unique design trend across websites. The New Yorker leads visitors through typography & different font styles from one page to another page.When we create our website or company’s brand, your choice in font style represents about you.

When we create our website, first ensure that what font you consider that font style should be same for all browsers. Sometimes we see that a website opens with a different style and shows different fonts from that we actually implemented during website designing. When we choose a font that is not supported by common browser cold mean that our website shows awkwardly on different devices that mean if our website doesn’t compatible with the common browser then public will not check our website & in result it will effect on the ranking of our website.

2) Large & Responsive Hero Images:- Large images can help you visually tell your story without having relied on a text. Mostly organization uploads their images including off more information about company, Projects & client’s feedback because it helps to our visitors about company’s Products and services.

Why is it useful?

Nowadays everyone is realized on the internet to buy anything. So customers can be from any state or country. Obviously, every customer has different and high expectations.

The images we use to represent our company or organization can be more powerful to get business. The image can be any of background image or product images etc. but it should be more effective so that public can attract towards your website.

3)Background Videos:- Sometimes you have ever seen that when we open any website etc. there is a link available on the homepage. When we open this link, it plays a video which is used to tell a story. This is the better way to get the visitor engaged to our website.

4) Semi-Flat Design :- Apple fundamentally shifted to flat design. Flat design does not include or give the approach of three dimensions, such as shadows. It can also load more quickly on websites without complicated technical components.Now we are giving a very basic example of it. When we check uber cab homepage, there is not any shadow type or three dimension effect.

Why is it useful?

These type of design helps visitors understand more easily.Ensure that your homepage, product pages, and any other key sections of your website all utilize the same design.

5)Hamburger Menus:- Most of the websites have a long menu on their homepage. The advantage of this is that visitors directly lands on the relative page by clicking relative menu.

6) Giant Product Images:-Nowadays many companies are starting to display their products on their websites to highlight their product and specifications of their product. This is no coincidence.

7) Card Design:- Card design is more popular on B2B websites. It helps to deliver a block of information for the user. We can highlight a large number of products on our website.

8) Short Product or Feature Videos:- Now companies have started to use a short video to specify a product.

Vbeasy located in U.S.A. providing Website design services to our clients with our professional experts. We believe in customer satisfaction & best quality designs.



First, we should know about software design. Software Design is that process in which first we plan how to convert user requirement into a specific form then using this plan a programmer implements software coding & implementation. To access user requirements, an SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document is created whereas, for coding and implementation, there is a need for more specific and detailed requirements in software terms & the implementation of programming languages can be done by the output of this process.

Software Design Levels

There are three levels of Software designs:-

  • Architectural Design – The architectural design is the highest complex version of the system. It identifies the software as a system with many components interacting with each other.
  • High-level Design- In the high-level design, single entities is divided into multiple entity or multiple components which result in less complex version. Now it is simple to design combination of different sub-systems & modules which describe interaction with each other. The high-level design focuses on how the system along with all of its components can be implemented in forms of modules.
  • Detailed Design- Detailed design deals with the implementation part of the system and its sub-systems in the previous two designs. It is more detailed towards modules and their implementations. It defines logical structure of each module and their interfaces to communicate with other modules.

C++ is a programming language used for real world projects. It is also a more expressive software design language. It is a mainstream programming language that directly supports better software design. This language is easy to produce the design.

There are lots of creative minds who can create an idea of the development of software but there are few people who can actually develop software. In our old days or school days, School projects often end up with thousand lines of code. There are software products with 10,000 line designs given away by their designers.

We use lots of software in our daily life, professional life. Without software, we can’t implement anything. We need a software to access every data i.e. Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Android, Antivirus, Disk formatting, Computer language translators, Embedded system software, Designing software etc.

There are a number of software organizations and number of complex software systems exists. The number of organizations and complexity are increasing daily. This doesn’t mean that software industry is not possible to find solutions for such complex problems. We can find the solution with the help of hardware implementation. For example, CAD and CAM system is already designed to help hardware. There is lots of software that are designed to help hardware.

Vbeasy is leading company which implements software design according to your requirements.


First we should know that what is the website designing? Website is that platform on which a person or company provides collective information about their company & their services or products & design is the creative art of thoughts, plans. Designing is used in every part of life i.e. Printed circuit board designing which is related to electronic engineering, website designing, application design etc. Every design has a different strategy to achieve an objective. For example, we need a printed circuit board designer or VLSI designer who can design electronic circuits. To design a website, we need a person who has an innovative nature to design a website & for application design we need a creative designer who has an excellent creativity to design an application design.

When we were landed on earth, at that time our elders went to the market to buy daily needs things & for everything. But Nowadays, if we need even a little thing then first we search it on the internet then we order that thing & dealer deliver it in front of your door.

What are we using for it? The answer is that internet. The Internet explores the related websites according to our need or keyword that we are searching on the internet. i.e. ebay, myntra, Olx, Ola, uber etc. Nowadays, we are totally realized on internet & websites.

Website is very important for every business. Business can be small scale, medium scale or large level. It is more important for marketing of your product. Business can be of any kind i.e. IT Industry, Electronic Industry, Automobile Industry, Government Sectors etc.

A Website designing is most important part of any company or business. If we’ve our website for our business we can double our revenue which will give benefit to all person related to that business or company.

When we design a website, it should contain attractive data i.e images, videos, blogs, text. It should contain that much enough data which can give benefit to the Business, organization or company. There should be some knowledgeable & attractive part which can attract the peoples.

There are lots of tools used for website designing that is Affinity Designer, Avocode, Antetype, Pixlr, Webydo, Ink, Material-UI, Yeoman etc.

Below we’ve outlined an example template for next time you’re considering a new website.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Start with the objectives
  3. Key Audiences.
  4. Provisional site structure
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Non-functional requirements
  7. Websites you like and don’t like
  8. Who are your competitors?
  9. Budget
  10. Timescales
  11. What is your procurement process?
  12. What to avoid


Vbeasy located in U.S.A. providing Website design services to our clients with our professional experts. We believe in customer satisfaction & best quality designs.


First, we should know that what is Application design? Application+Design=Application design. An application is some kind of request that we want to approve through some predefined authority or application is the use of system & technology which perform a specific task & design is a creative art of thoughts, plans. Designing is used in every part of life i.e. clothes, interior design, painting designs, architecture, machine designing, electronic device designing, website designing, application design etc. Every design has a different plans & thoughts to achieve an objective. For example, we need a fashion designer for designing of clothes, to design a house or some building, we need some different person who has a creative ideas to design a building, to design a website, we need a person who has a different ideas to design a website & for application design we need a creative designer who has an excellent creativity to design an application design.

In the era of 90’s, we went to the market for little things. But In today’s era, we are totally realized on the internet. We don’t want to go anywhere in market or shopping mall. We want that everything should be in front of our door without going anywhere. What we are using for it that is applications i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Uber, trip advisor, etc. There are lots of applications which we are using nowadays.

Applications can be designed for different access i.e. for mobile phones, for laptops. Application design should be easy to access on mobiles & laptops. There is a big reason of this if we design an application which can access easily on mobile & laptops then users or general public access your application. In our application design, there should be the knowledgeable part which can attract the peoples.

There lots of tools used to design a mobile application that is a sketch, Marvel, Pixate, UX Pin, Zeplin, Origami etc.

The tools used for designing a web application that is Atomic, Avocode, Form, Frontify, Macaw, Power mockup, Relay.

There are no any particular ideal design specifications to design an application. There is no any particular ideology which can give fame to your web application or mobile application. We are giving you some examples of application i.e. twitter, Webmynd, Big Cartel, The invoice machine, Flicker, Delicious etc.

Application designing is a creative art of plan, thoughts, and research. Application Design can be done easy by using different designing tools.

Vbeasy located in U.S.A. providing application design services to our clients with our professional experts. We believe in customer satisfaction & best quality designs.

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