First, we should know about software design. Software Design is that process in which first we plan how to convert user requirement into a specific form then using this plan a programmer implements software coding & implementation. To access user requirements, an SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document is created whereas, for coding and implementation, there is a need for more specific and detailed requirements in software terms & the implementation of programming languages can be done by the output of this process.

Software Design Levels

There are three levels of Software designs:-

  • Architectural Design – The architectural design is the highest complex version of the system. It identifies the software as a system with many components interacting with each other.
  • High-level Design- In the high-level design, single entities is divided into multiple entity or multiple components which result in less complex version. Now it is simple to design combination of different sub-systems & modules which describe interaction with each other. The high-level design focuses on how the system along with all of its components can be implemented in forms of modules.
  • Detailed Design- Detailed design deals with the implementation part of the system and its sub-systems in the previous two designs. It is more detailed towards modules and their implementations. It defines logical structure of each module and their interfaces to communicate with other modules.

C++ is a programming language used for real world projects. It is also a more expressive software design language. It is a mainstream programming language that directly supports better software design. This language is easy to produce the design.

There are lots of creative minds who can create an idea of the development of software but there are few people who can actually develop software. In our old days or school days, School projects often end up with thousand lines of code. There are software products with 10,000 line designs given away by their designers.

We use lots of software in our daily life, professional life. Without software, we can’t implement anything. We need a software to access every data i.e. Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Android, Antivirus, Disk formatting, Computer language translators, Embedded system software, Designing software etc.

There are a number of software organizations and number of complex software systems exists. The number of organizations and complexity are increasing daily. This doesn’t mean that software industry is not possible to find solutions for such complex problems. We can find the solution with the help of hardware implementation. For example, CAD and CAM system is already designed to help hardware. There is lots of software that are designed to help hardware.

Vbeasy is leading company which implements software design according to your requirements.


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