Website Design Elements and Trends

Website designing is a single tool to stand in the market. There is a choice to make an impression on visitors to your site by using it as an how much you are perfect in your job.

There are some designing elements or trends used:-

1)Unique and Large Presswork:- Every company has particular font styles or that they use to help their customers immediately. Now-a- days web designers received a large collection of fonts to make it easier for brands. The New Yorker is recognized through their use of unique font, Blokletters-Balpen, have begun to be used by start-ups.

Why is it useful?

To lead readers to different parts of the page, Typography uses a unique design trend across websites. The New Yorker leads visitors through typography & different font styles from one page to another page.When we create our website or company’s brand, your choice in font style represents about you.

When we create our website, first ensure that what font you consider that font style should be same for all browsers. Sometimes we see that a website opens with a different style and shows different fonts from that we actually implemented during website designing. When we choose a font that is not supported by common browser cold mean that our website shows awkwardly on different devices that mean if our website doesn’t compatible with the common browser then public will not check our website & in result it will effect on the ranking of our website.

2) Large & Responsive Hero Images:- Large images can help you visually tell your story without having relied on a text. Mostly organization uploads their images including off more information about company, Projects & client’s feedback because it helps to our visitors about company’s Products and services.

Why is it useful?

Nowadays everyone is realized on the internet to buy anything. So customers can be from any state or country. Obviously, every customer has different and high expectations.

The images we use to represent our company or organization can be more powerful to get business. The image can be any of background image or product images etc. but it should be more effective so that public can attract towards your website.

3)Background Videos:- Sometimes you have ever seen that when we open any website etc. there is a link available on the homepage. When we open this link, it plays a video which is used to tell a story. This is the better way to get the visitor engaged to our website.

4) Semi-Flat Design :- Apple fundamentally shifted to flat design. Flat design does not include or give the approach of three dimensions, such as shadows. It can also load more quickly on websites without complicated technical components.Now we are giving a very basic example of it. When we check uber cab homepage, there is not any shadow type or three dimension effect.

Why is it useful?

These type of design helps visitors understand more easily.Ensure that your homepage, product pages, and any other key sections of your website all utilize the same design.

5)Hamburger Menus:- Most of the websites have a long menu on their homepage. The advantage of this is that visitors directly lands on the relative page by clicking relative menu.

6) Giant Product Images:-Nowadays many companies are starting to display their products on their websites to highlight their product and specifications of their product. This is no coincidence.

7) Card Design:- Card design is more popular on B2B websites. It helps to deliver a block of information for the user. We can highlight a large number of products on our website.

8) Short Product or Feature Videos:- Now companies have started to use a short video to specify a product.

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